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There are three different ways to play Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes to subscribing to the game: free to play, preferred, and subscribed. This video covers the differences between the ...

How to Make Outfits in SWTOR - A Beginner's Guide - Fibro Jedi You can make outfits in SWTOR from many, ... Hide Head Slot: ... you can also choose whether to unlock it for just that character or account-wide. TOR Fashion's SWTOR Referral Link - torf.mmo-fashion.com Wide Brim: Legs: Bikini: Mini-Skirt ... Head Only: Houses of Alderaan: Huttball: Lighted: Lore: Metallic Accents: Military Uniforms: Partial Set: Pilot: Ragged ...

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You'll find the option both for hiding the head slot as well as showing/ hiding Dark Side corruption there. This, except you cannot hide your helmet unless you buy the ability to.How exactly does the account-wide inventory and crew skill unlock work? Customization Control: Hide Head Slot (Account) Unlocks access to the "Hide Head Slot" player customization option. This applies to all characters on the account (on all servers).A SWTOR account and acceptance of the SWTOR End User Access and License Agreement and Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are required to play SWTOR...

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[Cartel Market Bug] Account wide unlocks still not

SWTOR: Cartel Market Flash Sales. SWTOR: Dredging the GTN for Cartel Ma...It's account wide unlock.. Meaning any server u play gets unlock since its account unlock..

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