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Exposing the links between gambling and suicide Gamblers at poker machines in Brisbane The release of coronial statistics in Victoria highlights the links between problem gambling and suicide. PRC mother commit suicide in Potong Pasir after losing ... A 40 year old PRC woman on a dependent visa committed suicide at around 8.10am on Saturday (Feb 6), after losing everything in gambling. The Shanghai woman jumped off from an unreported level at Potong Pasir Ave 1, Block 104, and died instantly when she landed on top of a car at the HDB carpark. Gambling addiction linked to 128 suicides in Victoria ... Gambling addiction linked to 128 suicides in Victoria ... The report identified 128 gambling-related suicides between January 2000 and December 2012. ... Men accounted for 84% of the suicide toll ... Gambling addiction linked to 128 suicides in Victoria ...

Gambling Disorder and Suicide: An Overview of the Associated Co ...

Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley had a gambling problem and was deep in debt when he committed suicide on Sept. 21, ... NFL player who committed suicide had $40,000 Las Vegas gambling debt. Suicide Statistics for Compulsive Gamblers | Northstar ... Statistics depict the high risk of suicide for compulsive gamblers. Here are some interesting facts assembled by Michael Goldman that were presented at the 2013 Minnesota Conference on Problem Gambling in September:. According to the World Health Organization, five percent of all suicides are related to compulsive gambling. Internet gambling led to suicide | Society | The Guardian

Individuals with addiction are at higher risk for suicide. ... disorders are about six times more likely to commit suicide than the general ... up 75 percent of suicide deaths due to ...

Exposing the links between gambling and suicide - SBS Oct 9, 2013 ... Problem gamblers often have substance-abuse problems and other ... their own lives in Victoria in the past decade because of a gambling addiction. ... sister_K to commit suicide, but some gambling researchers believe they ... Gambling Disorder and Suicide: An Overview of the Associated Co ... The extent to which suicide ideation or attempts can be linked to gambling, .... All subjects who committed suicide had extensive debt secondary to gambling, ... The Suicide Capital Of America - CBS News

AZ - Harrah's Indian gambling director committed suicide over a jackpot dispute. The Associated Press 1/21/98. LA - After a night of drinking at a Kenner casino Saturday night, a Ponchatoula man, 21, apparently shot himself to death in his car outside the gambling boat, police said.

Gambling With Your Life (Ep. 31) - Freakonomics One of the upcoming hour-long Freakonomics Radio shows we're currently producing (which will be heard on public-radio stations across the country, not just in the podcast stream) is about suicide. It's hard to pinpoint the thesis -- perhaps we don't quite have one -- but there are any number of interesting things to know about the problem, and ways to think about it. Suicide Trends and Prevention in Nevada* With regard to problem gambling, it should be noted that in Nevada’s urban counties (Washoe & Clark), there is a strong public perception that the high rates of suicide are driven by two major factors, one of which is suicide related to problem gambling.